Apptitude by Verizon


Verizon Wireless tasked us with designing an app discovery tool that connects users to the apps that best fit their lives. Verizon believed powerful technology empowers us all, and what makes mobile devices so powerful are the apps. By connecting people to the right apps, Verizon could empower customers even more.

In theory, data that only Verizon Wireless can access could be used to enhance predictive modeling for individual app recommendations.


The team went through an extensive research & discovery process, exploring the world of shopping for and recommending mobile apps. We weeded through best-in-class markets, API's, engines, and algorythyms.

From there, we began diagramming and sketching the recommended features and ideal user experience. We used Invision to create a clickable prototype. The prototype helped us communicate and iterate on our ideas.

Final Design


More Work