Verizon Express Stores


Verizon wanted a way to streamline the customer experience and operational costs of their stores. Our team at AKQA came up with a concept that surpassed all expectations and established the new service model for all Express Stores. The new store format supplements traditional Verizon stores by offering customers an option of speed and convenience. In short, the store provides the customer with what they want at the speed they want.

The key ingredients of the experience included three distinct employee roles, along with an array of digital tools and technology.

I led a team in the choreography and optimization of the service model, experience, and digital product design.

In order to test and optimize the design, we transformed one of our conference rooms into a prototype store. Verizon stakeholders had a chance to visit and help refine the experience further.

Product Design Highlights

Verizon built a fully functional store inside a warehouse where we presented the experience along with the final store design to Verizon's new CEO and other executives.

We successfully launched the first two pilot stores in Portland, from which our team continues to learn and refine. Additional Express Stores are planned to role out across the country this year.

More Work